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NB-IoT Smart Gas Meter

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Product description

NB-IoT Smart Gas Meter



Based on the narrowband Internet of Things network, the NB-IoT Smart Gas Meter is an Internet of Things intelligent instrument with the remote electronic controller and NB communication module to realize smart metering, remote meter reading control, step pricing and real-time price adjustment.


Key Strengths

  • Timed reporting and push-button trigger reporting
  • Stable data transmission with wide signal coverage
  • Public network without network maintenance
  • Step pricing, real-time price adjustment and amount settlement
  • Remote recharging and monitoring
  • Ten years of flow rate service
  • Data analysis and storage
  • Valve shut-off due to non-metering
  • Error-correcting mechanism with high meter reading accuracy


Safety Features

  • Remote valve control
  • Valve shut-off due to overflow
  • Valve shut off due to no gas used for a long time
  • Anti-tamper protection
  • Linked with alarm and valve shut-off due to gas leakage
  • Abnormally flow rate alarm
  • Valve shut off due to zero gas consumption



Type G1.6 G2.5 G4
Qmax (m3/h) 2.5 4 6
Qmin (m3/h) 0.016 0.025 0.04
Accuracy class 1.5
Working voltage 6V
Battery AA alkaline battery (NO. 5)
Battery life (year) ≥1 (Report once a day)
Working temperature ﹣10℃~40℃
Maximum working pressure (KPa) ≤30
Pressure absorption (Pa) ≤250
Meter fittings central distance (mm) 130
Degree of protection IP65
Maximum working current ≤300mA
Quiescent current ≤15 μA
Data storage (year) 10
Valve durability >10000 cycles
Communication mode NB-IoT
Success rate of meter reading ≥99



NB-IoT Smart Gas Meter

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