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Gas Meter Usage and Precautions During the International Labour Day Holiday

Gas meters play a vital role in measuring the amount of natural gas consumed by households and businesses. They are typically installed by utility companies and are responsible for recording gas usage accurately. Understanding how to read and monitor your gas meter is essential for managing energy consumption and ensuring accurate billing.
01 2024/05

Gas Safety in the Kitchen: Essential Tips for Tomb-Sweeping Day

As families gather to honor their ancestors during Tomb-Sweeping Day, the kitchen becomes a focal point for preparing traditional dishes and fostering togetherness. However, amidst the festivity and culinary delights, it's crucial to prioritize gas safety to prevent accidents and ensure a joyful celebration. Whether you're cooking elaborate feasts or simple meals, adhering to gas safety practices is paramount. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind during Tomb-Sweeping Day and beyond:
04 2024/04

To Amazing Women at Anran Company

On this International Women's Day, we celebrate the amazing women who have made a significant impact in our lives, our communities, and the world. From leaders and trailblazers to mothers and caregivers, women play an essential role in every aspect of society.
08 2024/03

Strengthening Partnerships: Members of PT. PGN LNG Indonesia Communicate with Anran about Smart Gas Meters

In the fast-paced world of energy and technology, the demand for smart solutions to enhance efficiency and sustainability is constantly growing. PT. PGN LNG Indonesia, a leading natural gas company in Indonesia, has recognized this trend and is taking proactive steps to integrate smart gas meters into their operations. Recently, members of PT. PGN LNG Indonesia engaged in discussions with Anran, a renowned technology company specializing in smart metering solutions, to explore the possibilities of incorporating smart gas meters into their infrastructure.
18 2023/09

Sales Kick-off Meeting For Smart Gas Meters In The Second Half Of 2021

Anran company held the sales meeting on July 31 in which all the staff in market department and the company's leaders attended. Our general manager summarized our gas meter sales satiation, market challenges and opportunities as well as measures.
02 2021/08

The work summary and company development strategy seminar was held in the first half of 2020

On July 11, 2020, Zhengzhou Anran I&C Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Anran) mid-year summary and company development strategy seminar concluded successfully.
14 2020/07
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