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IC Card Prepayment Solution

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Product description



Solution Overview


In this solution, the IC card prepaid smart gas meter carries out the accumulation of the gas consumption, and monitors and records the process of gas usage for terminal settlement. According to the remaining gas volume in the smart gas meter and the operation status of the meter, the valve is automatically controlled, and the air gas circuit is opened and closed to achieve the purpose of prepayment for gas usage. Through the prepayment management system, self-service payment terminal and Bluetooth card reader and writer, it meets the needs of gas companies for charging and users for gas bill payment.


Solution Composition

IC card prepayment solution consists of prepaid management system, system card reader and writer (self-service payment terminal, Bluetooth card reader and writer), IC card and IC card smart gas meter.


Solution advantages

  • Solve the difficult problem of charging
  • Convenient and fast charging methods
  • Products with stable performance
  • Good card compatibility with multiple system integration methods







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