What Should You Know About Gas Safety Smart Forewarning System

The gas safety smart forewarning system consists of temperature anomaly alarm, pressure anomaly alarm, flow anomaly alarm, gas leakage alarm, valve shut-off system, exhaust system (fume extractor or exhaust fan), IoT smart gas meter, cloud mobile APP, cloud management APP, cloud servers, etc. , which can achieve early warning, early detection, real-time networking, and real-time services to protect the safe use of gas.
22 2021/11

How Much Do You Know About the History of City Gas Development?

Gas is widely used in industrial production for power generation, steel making, metal thermal processing, heat treatment, etc. In the light textile industry, people use it for cotton textile singeing, food, pharmaceutical processing and manufacturing, bulb blowing, color television picture tubes and computer monitors and other glass products. The application of gas not only increases production efficiency, but also improves product quality. With the popularity of LPG and natural gas, the range of gas applications is sure to be further explored.
15 2021/11

Shocking Success of New Smart Gas Services for Europe

Into this burgeoning market, Panasonic steps with a suite of new products and services, building on the company’s experiences in other geographies, particularly in Japan. Billed as a ‘one-stop solution from devices to data analysis’, these include the meters and metering infrastructure, a connectivity service and a Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) AMR cloud service.
05 2021/11

China Looks to Lock in U.S. LNG as Energy Crunch Raises Concerns

Major Chinese energy companies are in advanced talks with U.S. exporters to secure long-term liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplies, as soaring gas prices and domestic power shortages heighten concerns about the country’s fuel security, several sources said.
20 2021/10

Natural Gas Industry in China Development Situation and Prospect

China's natural gas industry has entered a rapid development stage, and its supply, sales, storage and transport systems are continuously undergoing profound structural change. It is a major issue concerning national energy security to objectively grasp the current development situation and trend of natural gas industry and make scientific predictions. In this regard, through the analysis of global natural gas resources status, trade pattern and development trend, we reviewed the development process, current situation, trend and problems in natural gas industry in China, then made prospect analysis and judgment in terms of demand and supply, etc., and finally put forward some reasonable and sustainable strategic countermeasures and proposals.
14 2021/10

Thermal-mass Gas Metering Proven for Years, Certified for The Future

Thermal-mass technology is a proven means for measuring the flow of gases and liquids. The recent technological advances and miniaturisation have enabled the use of the technology for high-volume, cost-sensitive applications such as natural gas metering.
08 2021/10
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