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Cloud Management Service Platform

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Product description

The platform, with modular design, is composed of operating terminal, database server, and data center. Modules can be freely combined and hierarchically designed. It not only meets the daily management needs of gas meters, but also can add related modules at any time for functional expansion according to the actual needs of the gas company.


System Architecture

Cloud Management



Platform Functions

  • The database server is the central control and management center of the meter reading system, which is responsible for the management and maintenance of the data in the entire meter reading area;
  • The operation terminal includes various business outlets with good operability;
  • The database front-end computer processes the data transfer between the bank and the database server, and the data security is good; it can be connected to the bank to implement collection (deduction) charges;
  • Data storage: store user information and gas meter operating data;
  • Daily business processing: including account creation, report printing, inquiry statistics, system management, etc.;
  • User file management: address information management (including the establishment and modification of information of communities, buildings, and units), meter reading unit information management (the meter reading unit information established based on the information of the community, building, etc., including the meter reading unit code, name, the total number of households in the unit and group, etc.), user information management (including the user's address, name, contact number, etc.);
  • Data processing: including functions such as information setting with the handheld, upload and download of the meter reading information, and update and download of the handheld program;
  • Charging management: including the user's current payment status, historical payment records, arrears payment records and other gas price setting information;
  • User information inquiry and statistics: the user information can be queried conveniently according to user code, user name, unit code, meter number, operator number, user address and other information; the various payment and arrears statistical reports can be generated;
  • Data maintenance: including data backup and recovery;
  • Platform management: including various rights management, system management, password management, bill printing, etc.
  • Daily use functions of the meter: support functions such as regular meter reading and fee calculation, prepaid recharge, and remote valve closing for arrears users;


System Interface

Cloud ManagementCloud Management

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