What You Want to Know About Gas Meter

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What You Want to Know About Gas Meter

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In modern society, gas is widely used as a clean and efficient energy source. For the measurement and use of gas, gas meters play a vital role. In this article, we will introduce the definition, types, working principle and daily maintenance of gas meters.


I. Definition and types of gas meters


A gas meter, also known as gas gauge, is an instrument used to measure the amount of gas. According to its application and function, the gas meter can be divided into two categories: household gas meter and industrial gas meter.


Household gas meters are mainly used for gas measurement in small areas such as ordinary houses, apartments and villas. Household gas meters are usually installed indoors and are mainly direct reading type and remote transmission type, including Contact IC Card Diaphragm Gas Meter, NB-IoT Smart Gas Meter, LoRa Spread Spectrum Smart Gas Meter, Ultrasonic Domestic Gas Meter, etc. Direct reading gas meter means that the user can directly see the numbers and hands on the gas meter to read the gas consumption. Remote transmission gas meters, on the other hand, upload gas consumption information to a server through a remote transmission device, and users can check gas consumption in real time through cell phones and other terminals.


Industrial gas meters are mainly used in industrial production and large utilities and are suitable for measuring gas under high flow conditions. Industrial gas meters are usually installed outside the room and are mainly flow sensor and pressure drop type. A flow sensor gas meter is one that detects the gas flow through a flow sensor and outputs the gas usage after processing the detected data. Pressure drop gas meter means that the pressure drop sensor detects the pressure drop difference between gas inlet and outlet, so as to calculate the gas consumption.


II. Working principle of the gas meter


The working principle of gas meter is to use the gas flow to drive the components in the gas meter (such as float, sensor, etc.) to finally realize the measurement of gas. Take the household direct reading gas meter as an example, its specific workflow is as follows.


1. Gas enters the movement through the inlet of the gas meter.


2. The gas flows through the components inside the movement, such as floats, vanes, etc., thus driving the movement of the components.


3. The movement of the components will drive the movement of the hands or digital wheels on the movement, so as to display the amount of gas.


III. Routine maintenance of the gas meter


As an instrument for measurement, the gas meter needs to be tested and maintained regularly to ensure the accuracy and safety of its measurement. The following are some daily maintenance points.


1. Regularly check whether the sealing performance of the gas meter is good, and if there is leakage and other conditions, it should be repaired immediately. If necessary, it is recommended to install a Household Gas Detector produced by Anaran that can detects the leaking gas to ensure the family safety.


2. Regularly clean the debris and dust around the gas meter to avoid affecting its normal measurement.


3. Regularly correct the error of the gas meter to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.


4. Regularly replace the parts of the gas meter, such as float, sensor, etc., to ensure its normal operation.


IV. Summary

The gas meter is a key gas measuring instrument, and its accuracy and safety involve the life and property safety of the general public. Therefore, we should pay attention to the use and maintenance of gas meters to ensure their good working condition.


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