Suggestions for Meter Safety

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Suggestions for Meter Safety

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Meter Safety Tips

  • Make sure the worker from the gas company have access to your natural gas meter and regulator through a clear path.
  • Never attach anything, including a canine leash or wires frequently used by contractors, to a meter or its piping.
  • Use caution when working with sharp objects close or on the meter.
  • When using other equipment or mowing your grass close to your meter, exercise caution.
  • Avoid leaning metal or platforms against the meter.


Suggestions for Winter Meter Safety


  • Keep snow, ice, debris, and other obstacles away from your meter, piping, and vents.
  • Use a brush to gently sweep any snow from your meter.
  • Remove any ice that is dangling above your meter with care.
  • Call the customer center if you believe your natural gas meter is situated in a dangerous area, such as too close to a driveway or beneath a deck. Then, the worker of the gas company will arrange a time to examine your meter.

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