How to Read Your Meter

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How to Read Your Meter

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Your gas meter precisely and automatically keeps track of how much gas flows through it by counting the filling and emptying of compartments inside the meter. The flow of gas to your appliances is smooth and uninterrupted because each compartment is emptied as the next is filled; the measure is also very precise because each compartment always holds the same quantity of gas.


You will be better able to monitor your gas usage and be better prepared to practice energy conservation when you check your meter. When you know your billing period from your utility bill, you can read your meter on the same timetable.


An index is the area of a meter that displays the quantity of gas consumed. There are two different categories of scores in our system.


Always write down the lowest number when the pointer is between two numbers on a meter with round dials. (The only exception is when the marker is between nine and zero; in that case, you read nine since zero then denotes the end of a cycle.) Check the dial to the right once the pointer is immediately over a number. Record the lower figure for the dial on the left if the dial to the right has not yet reached zero. Read the dials from left to right and record the numbers in the same sequence, from left to right, to obtain a reading.


Simply deduct the reading from last month from the current reading to get the amount of gas consumed since the prior reading. You will be able to monitor your gas use more accurately and be more conscious of energy conservation. To read your meter on the same timetable, please check your utility bill to see when you are billed.

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