9 Reasons You Should Attention to Gas Leaks

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9 Reasons You Should Attention to Gas Leaks

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Gas stove ignition failure will result in gas leaks, which can lead to gas explosions.

  Reasons for failure of gas ignition:

  1. The valve is not adjusted, resulting in too much air into the air port to increase the chances of an explosion.
  2. Dirty ignition contacts or micro switch failure.
  3. The battery is not charged.
  4. Poor circuit contact.
  5. Over-voltage protection.
  6. Pipe blockage.
  7. Improper ignition needle position.


Indoor gas piping damage will result in gas leaks and explosive accidents.

The main causes of damage to the indoor gas piping:

  1. Long-term contact with water or corrosive substances, resulting in pipe corrosion.
  2. Other external forces such as home renovation, pipe wall hanging items cause the pipe interface loosening.
  3. Pipeline anti-corrosion paint off without timely replenishment, metal and air long-term contact result in pipeline corrosion.


Gas meter damage will result in gas leakage.

The main causes of gas leakage from the gas meter:

  1. Overdue use of internal components aging, resulting in gas leakage.
  2. The external forces will cause damage to the gas meter body or joints, resulting in gas leakage.


The gas hose rupture will result in gas leakage.

 Reasons for hose rupture:

  1. The ends of the hose did not have clips or the clips are loose.
  2. Hose overdue with aging cracking.
  3. Use poor quality hose with easy corrosion and aging.


The liquid in the pot overflows and douses the burning flame, resulting in gas leakage.

  Causes of liquid overflow in the pot:

  1. Cook on high heat with boiling soup, not timely processing.
  2. Forget to boiling soup and cooking time, personnel left for a long time.


Forget to close the gas valve, resulting in gas leakage

   Reasons for forgetting to close the gas valve:

  1. Lack of awareness to close the valve.
  2. The elderly or children forget to turn off the valve.
  3. Short-term failure to supply gas after a gas outage.


Damage to the gas valve interface will result in gas leakage.

  Causes of damage to gas valves:

  1. Long-term turn on and off the valve, resulting in valve loosening.
  2. Be for long years out of repair.
  3. The valve is corroded.


Gas stove damage will result in leakage and explosion.

  Reasons for damage to the gas stove:

  1. The gas stove itself is in disrepair.
  2. Gas stove quality is not qualified.
  3. Gas stove damage due to man-made external touching and friction.


Private alteration of gas pipelines, resulting in gas leaks.

  Reasons for private alteration of pipelines:

  1. For indoor aesthetics, transform the gas pipelines.
  2. To increase the gas facilities, extend the pipeline.
  3. Change the pipe for non-measurement or less measurement.

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