Five Great Tips to Cut Your Monthly Gas Bills

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Five Great Tips to Cut Your Monthly Gas Bills

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Each Chinese family spends a large amount of money every year on gas bills.


However, unhappily, most families face a lot of energy losses and wastage due to poor gas stoves and gas water heater.


With the raised natural gas price in the world, there are measures you can take to prevent gas wastage and cut your monthly gas bills. These will not only save you money, but also help protect the environment.


Use gas water heater in winter

Gas water heater is an energy waste device. When you turn it on, it takes a long time for hot water to flow out. But the gas is used once the heater is on.

In summer, you can use cool water to do some housework and use less hot water for bath.


Sealing leaks

If there are leaks in the ducts, it will result in a huge loss of energy and cause an explosion. 

Therefore, you should regularly check your gas ducts. If you found any leaks, we suggest professionals for sealing leaks.


Use energy-saving gas stove

The cheapest gas stove will cause more gas consumption. Purchasing the energy-saving gas stove will help you reduce your bills.


A programmable thermostat

This is a cost-effective choice that helps save gas energy easily. If you can program the thermostat to use less heating in winters, you can reduce energy costs by almost half.


The shut-off valve

After you have cooked the meal, please shut off the gas valve instantly. If the valve remains on, more gas will be used.


Other gas energy saving measures like insulating the gas water heater, installing high-pressure shower heads and regularly maintaining your HVAC system will really help cut your monthly gas energy bills.

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