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Gas Safety Smart Forewarning System

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Product description

I. Gas safety — a way to achieve the “zero fatality” goal





II. System objectives


a. Exhaust air when using gas, valve shutoff when alarming

  • The valve, exhaust system and alarm equipment form a real-time response local area network.
  • The meter manages the metering, temperature and pressure to start the exhaust air.
  • Shut off the valve with gas leak alarm.

b. Real-time networking, timely services, early warning, early detection

  • Whether the combustible gas detector is online, in working order, and overdue for a service.
  • The discovery of hidden dangers and detection of small leaks can be timely feedback, and early measures can be taken when the meter gives a timely warning.

c. Network services, proactive publicity and elimination of hidden dangers

  • The network sends information on safety training and general knowledge of safe gas use to promote the normalization of safety education.
  • Security checks are more implemented, and users, communities and O&M realize networked services.

d. The value-added insurance can protect the gas safety.



III. System communication mode






a. Independent gateway or alarm as a gateway (LoraWan)





b. Independent gateway or alarm as a gateway (BLE Network)





c. Meter as a gateway (BLE Network)





IV. System composition



V. Basic Functions




a. Functions of each part






VI. System Monitoring 



VII. Application Scenarios


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