What Is the Progress of the Retrofitting of Gas Safety Devices in Zhengzhou, Henan Province?

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What Is the Progress of the Retrofitting of Gas Safety Devices in Zhengzhou, Henan Province?

  • Time of issue:2022-03-18 10:51
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Zhengzhou will start retrofitting gas safety devices, which include self-closing valves and replacement of metal hoses. Dahe Daily has reported continuously since March.


Now it’s March. For this livelihood project of retrofitting of gas safety devices in Zhengzhou, how is the progress?


Yesterday, Dahe Daily reporter followed up this project.


For retrofitting of gas safety device work, whether it has begun?


March 2, “It has not yet reached the installation stage, and the tender has not yet been carried out. We are still docking with the financing  cost. The specific installation time is not yet determined, ” said the relevant responsible person in Zhengzhou China Resources Gas Company that manages this people's livelihood project retrofitting work.


Zhao Jianli, director of the Public Utilities Department of Zhengzhou City Authority, told reporters that the work was still in the preliminary preparation stage, and they have been trying to move forward. "First, the tender is required. Then, the price is need to be audited by financial third-party. Now the price has been reported. We need to secure a reasonable price. Involved in the final price and charges, the government will pay for it, therefore, a strict audit process must be carried out." Zhao Jianli said. They have been focusing on the matter, such as the latest progress, and they will certainly inform the public timely.


The residents will declare subsidies in "Zheng Hao Ban" APP. Whether the declaration system has been online?


Previously, the reporter interviewed Zhao Jianli on the matter. He said, the residents would declare subsidies in the "Zheng Hao Ban" APP, in order to facilitate the public to declare subsidies  through the cell phone terminal. The reporter found that the relevant declaration of payment and subsidy system has not been officially online. On March 2, Zhao Jianli said the system is may be online at any time.


What’s the cost of the gas safety device?

Zhao Jianli introduced the previously reported relevant costs borne by urban two-tier financial management and gas companies and residents have now changed. In order to promote this matter and solve the problem of financial difficulties at the district level, China Resources Gas (Zhengzhou) may bear the district-level part of the cost (originally the district financial subsidy of 40 yuan per household), which is equivalent to bearing half of the cost.


According to previous reports, the estimated cost of 240 yuan per household with city financial subsidies of 80 yuan/household, district financial subsidies of 40 yuan/household, gas companies contribution of 80 yuan/household, residents self-paying of 40 yuan/household (including self-closing valves, metal hoses, for only the addition of self-closing valves, proportional share will be performed). Residential users will take about 1/6 of the cost, but the final bidding price settlement shall prevail.


Zhao Jianli introduced, in the city's five districts plus development zones, there are a total of 2.5 million households with residential gas users, of which 1.7 million households have been replaced with metal hoses. The users that need to retrofit a self-closing valve are 2.5 million households.

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