The 2019 sales start-up meeting was a complete success

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The 2019 sales start-up meeting was a complete success

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Zhengzhou, January 2, 2019 - Anran held the 2019 sales kick-off meeting to deploy key tasks on January 2, 2019. Zhang Wenge, General Manager of Anran, Qin Guozheng and Zhang Zhiqiang, Deputy General Managers, and regional directors and sales managers participated in the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Qin who first summarized the work situation in 2018 and proposed the company's goals for 2019. Then, the regional directors spoke their own convictions and put forward solid and powerful measures regarding the goals of their respective districts.

In this meeting, “with the promotion of environmental protection policies, the pace of coal-to-gas project has been accelerated, and the demand for gas meters, especially smart gas meters, is very strong. This is a huge opportunity and challenge for Anran.” Mr. Zhang pointed out.

"In 2018, with the mature NB-Iot technology and clarified national industry support policies, IoT smart solutions have become the industry consensus, which requires us to quickly dominate the NB-Iot technology market and accelerate the improvement of the multiple intelligent technologies." Mr. Zhang added.

“2019 is a breakthrough year, and taking real action is the key. First, we must strengthen the service and support system, meet customer needs, and do a good job in customer service and logistics support; second, we must pay attention to our products including prepayment IC card smart gas meter, NB-lot gas meter and gas ultrasonic metering; third, we must improve the assessment and incentive system to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees; fourth, we must strengthen training and learning to enhance the combat effectiveness of the marketing team.” Mr. Zhang emphasized finally.

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