Gas Safety in the Spotlight: Steps to Protect Your Home

Gas safety is a crucial aspect of keeping your home and family safe, yet it often gets overlooked. Gas appliances, including boilers, stoves, and water heaters, are a common part of our daily lives, but they can also pose a serious risk if not maintained and used properly. In recent news, a gas explosion in a residential area has raised concerns about gas safety, prompting authorities to remind homeowners to take necessary steps to prevent such accidents.
04 2023/05

How to Distinguish between Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Gas Alarms

Carbon monoxide alarms and gas alarms are very different, and many dealers and users often confuse the two. In fact, they vary greatly, and accidentally, if you install gas alarms on the locations that need carbon monoxide alarms, vice versa, it will bring great losses to people's lives and property.
22 2023/03

What You Want to Know About Gas Meter

Household gas meters are mainly used for gas measurement in small areas such as ordinary houses, apartments and villas. Household gas meters are usually installed indoors and are mainly direct reading type and remote transmission type, including Contact IC Card Diaphragm Gas Meter, NB-IoT Smart Gas Meter, LoRa Spread Spectrum Smart Gas Meter, Ultrasonic Domestic Gas Meter, etc. Direct reading gas meter means that the user can directly see the numbers and hands on the gas meter to read the gas consumption. Remote transmission gas meters, on the other hand, upload gas consumption information to a server through a remote transmission device, and users can check gas consumption in real time through cell phones and other terminals.
14 2023/03
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