How to Save Money on Your Gas Bill in 7 Quick Tips

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How to Save Money on Your Gas Bill in 7 Quick Tips

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Now most of Chinese households use natural gas, and we all like paying gas bills less. Think about it, wouldn’t it be nice to get your bills down, and spend the money on something you love instead? Fortunately, there are a number of options you can reduce your bills.

1. Adjust the flame of your gas stove

The higher heating is not better when you’re cooking. The gas flames consist of three parts: the outer zone is the hottest part. The middle zone is moderately hot, and the inner zone is least hot. If the flame looks a litter high on the gas burner, you are using the inner flame. Therefore, when you’re preparing a meal, you should adjust the flame distribution on the gas appliance to be level with the bottom of the pot, which will reduce heat dissipation.

2. Stop leaving the gas cookers on standby

Sometimes your appliances still using gas even when they are in sleep mode. So a gas-saving tip to help save you money is to pull out the plug of the gas stove when you’re going away from kitchen. In this way, your gas isn’t wasted due to the standby mode.

3. Don’t turn on the gas when you’re not ready for cooking.

Ask yourself: do you often switch on the gas appliance before cooking? If yes, unfortunately, it is not a good habit to save your gas. So you should prepare the entire cooking ingredients first, then turn on the gas. If you are making soup or stewing something, you can first bring it to a boil over high heat, then turn the heat down. Just keep the boiling and not overflowing.

4. Maintain your appliances

Regular maintenance will keep your gas appliances running efficiently for longer. Change your stove when it’s due and check your appliance, burner and filters for dirt or dust.

5. Keep the bottom of the pot clean

When cooking, keep the bottom of the pot away from the stove about 20 mm. In addition, dry the pots and pans before putting them on the stove. Keep the bottom of the pot clean and dry. Then the heat can be transferred to the pot for saving gas.

6. Use less hot water

If you want to cut your gas bill, reduce hot water use. Just take a shower instead of a bath, because you use more water for bathing. Besides, turning down the showerhead will also lower water and gas costs. And please tighten the tap. If any tap occurs leaks, repair it.

7. Insulate your home

Suitable insulation in the home can make it cool in the summer and warm in the winter – and it could also reduce your gas bills. There is one way to cut your gas bill in the winter.

Check for gaps or cracks in your windowsills or door frames. If so, seal them. These problems could cause heat loss.

If some rooms like the kitchen or bathroom do not need to be heated, you can shut the doors. It will prevent the heating system from overworking to heat a larger area.

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