10 Gas Safety Tips You Should Know

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10 Gas Safety Tips You Should Know

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1. Four methods to detect leaks in internal gas facilities.

  • - Smell: If you smell a stink, you might have a gas leak.
  • - Listen: If you hear a hissing sound near your gas pipes, then it could be a leak.
  • - Look: If you see an unusual cloud of fog or mist around your appliances, it could mean a cracked gas pipes.
  • - Check: Use a cloth with coat soap water or detergent to wipe down the gas pipe joints regularly. If you see bubbles forming in the joints, you may have a gas leak. Please call your gas company right now! Note: Do not detect a leak with open fire.


2. Modification of natural gas pipelines and removal, change and installation of gas facilities and appliances without authorization are prohibited.

3. It is forbidden to encapsulate gas facilities (gas meters, water heaters) and ancillary pipelines.

4. Use of dedicated gas appliances connecting pipes.

The hoses connected to gas appliances should be replaced regularly. Expired hoses which should not exceed 2 meters are strictly prohibited, and pipe clamps should be installed at both its ends. It is recommended to replace the long-life gas dedicated pipe.

5. Do not overhang the gas pipeline.

Do not hang or place any objects above the gas pipeline and meter box to avoid loosening of the pipeline nozzle and gas leakage.

6. Do not leave the kitchen when gas is on.

When the gas is on, you should pay attention to avoid the soup overflows to extinguish the flame, which may cause gas leakage or the container to burn dry. Keep indoor ventilation.

7. Proper use of gas facilities and appliances.

You are not allowed to use unqualified or expired gas equipment.

8. Cooperation with home security inspection.

In accordance with national regulations, gas companies conduct safety inspections of your household gas facilities for users every two years for free. Security personnel will wear uniform overalls.

Security inspection will be notified in advance, please take the initiative to cooperate with the security personnel's service.

9. It is recommended to install a gas sensor.

The gas safety forewarning system for civilian users can detect combustible gas and will give out audible and visual alarms when the gas leakage reaches a certain concentration. 

10. It is recommended to buy gas insurance.

Gas accidents can cause fires, explosions and leaks, resulting in indoor and outdoor property losses and personal injuries. Gas insurance is a reliable and comprehensive exclusive insurance for gas users. It shares responsibilities for users, reduce losses, and bring users more reliable security.

Natural gas is a clean, high-efficiency and high-quality energy with the advantages of non-toxic, high calorific value, stable combustion and low environmental pollution. Compared with artificial gas, natural gas is not only economical and affordable, but also safe and reliable. It is the best gas source for city gas. If you use gas in correct way, then you will not suffer losses and injuries.


For the safety

Zhengzhou Anran I&C Technology Co.,Ltd reminds you to:

  • - use qualified appliances with flame out protection devices, and often check gas hoses to prevent gas leakage.
  • - use a qualified stainless steel corrugated hose.
  • - close the front valve of the gas appliances after the gas is off.



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