This Shutoff Device of the Smart Gas Meter Can Avoid Gas Explosions

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This Shutoff Device of the Smart Gas Meter Can Avoid Gas Explosions

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With the need for environmental protection, natural gas has gradually replaced the serious pollution energy into each of our homes, which has brought some safety hazards while facilitating the majority of users and improving the environment. As we all know, natural gas is a flammable and explosive dangerous gas. When the gas leaks and reaches a concentration (5%-15%), it will explode when it meets an open flame. Therefore, how to prevent gas leaks is the top priority of residential gas safety.

Gas leaks cause home safety accidents. The key is how to find and deal with it in time. There are some methods to check whether the gas leaks at home and the basic gas leak treatment measures.

At present, residential households will install the gas leak alarm. When the gas leak is detected, send sound and light alarms to alert the user. If the leak occurs, the alarm light flashes with a high decibel alarm sound. It indicates the existence of indoor gas leak source. The user should promptly close the main valve and check the source of gas leaks.

Tips: check for gas leaks at home. Even if the light is not good, do not use an open flame.  There is a gas leak that it is easy to trigger the gas explosion.

Gas alarm and gas meter are the portfolios. Connect the gas meter to a gas leak alarm through the data line (pluggable replacement alarm), so how does this system work?

First, the gas alarm monitors indoor gas leakage and concentration range. When the leak is detected, the gas alarm sends sound and light alerts. Second, through the data connection line, the leak alarm signal is sent to the gas meter. When the gas meter receives the leak command, the valve will be immediately closed in the gas meter to cut off the gas source.

The leak protection system is automated, without manual operation, especially suitable for when no one is at home or when the elderly and children are at home. You can ensure gas safety by automatically monitoring the leak and closing the valve.

Now this gas leak cut-off device has become the standard for many gas companies. In gas metering, gas safety can also be guaranteed, and the alarm can be used with the replacement. Compared to the electromagnetic cut-off valve, this cost-effective program is without separate pipeline construction and installation.

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