Shocking Facts About NB-IoT Gas Meter

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Shocking Facts About NB-IoT Gas Meter

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The rapid development of the domestic natural gas market is mainly favored by the strong support for clean energy within the provinces and cities. Domestic smart gas meters usher in a new opportunity. During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, China's smart gas meter market reaches to over 40 billion. The long-term increasing demand for the meters is an inevitable trend, while mostly IC card gas meters are used in the current market. It is expected that NB-IoT smart gas meters will enter the golden period of accelerated development.

What is NB-IoT?

NB-IoT, or Narrow Band Internet of Things, is a cellular-based narrowband Internet of Things, which has become an important branch of the Internet of All Thing.

As an emerging technology in the IoT field, NB-IoT has obvious advantages, and in June 2016, the NB-IoT technology protocol was adopted by the international organization 3GPP. The successful completion of the standardization work also marks that NB-IoT will soon enter the stage of large-scale commercialization.

What is Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is the Internet where everything is connected. It forms networks that link sensors, controllers, machines, people, and things together in new ways using communication technologies such as local networks or the Internet to achieve informationization, remote management control and intelligence network.

The Internet of Things is divided into three main layers that interact with each other: the perception layer, the network layer, and the application layer. The perception layer is mainly used for information perception, and collects the key information. The network layer is a link between the perception layer and the application layer and the whole IoT central system, which is responsible for data transmission of the information obtained from the perception layer. The application layer connects IoT to the terminals, and the information collected by IoT is processed and analyzed for the ultimate purpose of guiding the activities of objects.

Features of NB-IoT gas meters

The NB-IoT gas meter is a gas meter with tiered prices, which can set multiple points and multiple tiered prices. It supports monthly, quarterly, and annual settlement methods.

The NB-IoT gas meter communicates with the management center through a cellular narrowband wireless network to form an IoT gas meter reading system.

NB-IoT gas meter can realize automatic gas meter data collection and big data analysis based on automatic gas meter data collection to avoid the problems of misreading and omission of manual meter reading with time-consuming, and unavailable data when the household is not at home. Meanwhile, the IoT gas meter with gas leakage alarm function significantly improves the safety of gas use. The IoT technology can significantly improve the automation and modernization of gas companies. The NB-IoT gas meters featured super coverage capability, large capacity, low power consumption and low cost.

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