Four Reasons For Europe’s Record-Breaking Drop In Natural Gas Demand

According to the IEA’s quarterly gas market report, natural gas consumption in OECD Europe saw its steepest decline in history last year. The IEA said the estimated 13% drop in demand was driven by changes in the energy mix, economic activity, weather, and consumer behavior.
16 2023/03

What You Want to Know About Gas Meter

Household gas meters are mainly used for gas measurement in small areas such as ordinary houses, apartments and villas. Household gas meters are usually installed indoors and are mainly direct reading type and remote transmission type, including Contact IC Card Diaphragm Gas Meter, NB-IoT Smart Gas Meter, LoRa Spread Spectrum Smart Gas Meter, Ultrasonic Domestic Gas Meter, etc. Direct reading gas meter means that the user can directly see the numbers and hands on the gas meter to read the gas consumption. Remote transmission gas meters, on the other hand, upload gas consumption information to a server through a remote transmission device, and users can check gas consumption in real time through cell phones and other terminals.
14 2023/03

China's Natural Gas Output Up 6.7% in First Two Months

China's natural gas output logged steady growth in the first two months of 2023, data from the National Bureau of Statistics shows. The country produced 39.8 billion cubic meters of natural gas in the period, up 6.7 percent from a year earlier, according to the bureau.
09 2023/03

Gas Safety: A Matter of Life and Death

Gas is a vital source of energy used for cooking, heating, and powering various appliances. However, gas appliances can pose serious safety risks if not properly installed, maintained, and used. Gas leaks and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning are the most common gas-related hazards that can cause illness, injury, and even death. Thus, it is crucial to raise public awareness about gas safety and encourage responsible behavior to prevent accidents and protect lives.
07 2023/03

Suggestions for Meter Safety

Make sure the worker from the gas company have access to your natural gas meter and regulator through a clear path.
02 2023/03

How to Read Your Meter

Your gas meter precisely and automatically keeps track of how much gas flows through it by counting the filling and emptying of compartments inside the meter. The flow of gas to your appliances is smooth and uninterrupted because each compartment is emptied as the next is filled; the measure is also very precise because each compartment always holds the same quantity of gas.
15 2023/02
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