Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Natural Gas

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Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Natural Gas

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General knowledge of natural gas

1. Natural gas is clean energy with the main component of methane (CH4).  

2. High calorific value, generally above 9000 kcal/m3.

3. High energy efficiency. Generally, the energy use rate of coal-fired power plants does not exceed 38%, while the efficiency of power generation in natural gas can reach more than 52%.  

4. It is widely used in power generation, city gas, industrial fuel, chemical materials, and automobile fuel (gas-fueled vehicles) etc.

Precautions of natural gas users

1. Pay attention to exhaust ventilation in all seasons when using natural gas.

If the doors and windows are closed tightly, and the water heater is used for a long time, the indoor air will be exhausted and suffocation due to hypoxia will occur.

2. The water heater must be installed with a flue for exhaust gas.

3. Prevent the flame from being extinguished by the soup or being blown out by the wind. Please use a safety stove with an automatic flame-out protection device.

4. If an abnormal situation such as a natural gas leak is found, open flame inspection is strictly prohibited. You should contact the gas company in time. Please refer to the gas bill for the telephone number and address.

5. The hose connecting the cooker should use a special hose for gas, check and change it regularly.

Safe use of gas appliances

1. Understand the safety characteristics of the gas, and operate according to the requirements of the gas equipment manual.

2. When using gas, someone should look after it to prevent the flame from being extinguished by the soup or blown out by the wind. Please use a safety appliance with an automatic flame-out protection device.

3. Frequently check the rubber hose connected to the appliances for flattening and ageing, the rolling head for correct installation, and the hose should not be used for more than two years.

4. The service life of gas appliances is 8 years.

5. In the event of a gas leak, immediately turn off the main gas switch, open doors and windows, and call the gas company for repairs. It is strictly forbidden to use open flames to detect leaks and open and close electrical switches.

6. Before going to sleep, check whether the gas switches are all off.

Safety use of gas water heaters

1. Gas water heaters must be installed by professional personnel.

2. The gas water heater must be equipped with a flue for exhaust gas, and the flue exhaust must be discharged into the atmosphere.

3. When using gas water heaters, open doors and windows properly to allow air to circulate and avoid suffocation caused by lack of oxygen in the room.

4. The maintenance and cleaning of the gas water heater is carried out once a year.

How to report and deal with gas leakage?

If your gas appliance leaks, you should call the gas company to repair it immediately. Before the maintenance personnel of the gas company arrive, the customer should turn off the gas switch, open the doors and windows to ventilate the room, and be careful not to turn off or on the electrical switch.

Rescue and treatment of people with gas poisoning

If someone is found to be gas-poisoned, you should immediately open the doors and windows, and lift the patient to an outdoor ventilated place to help the patient with artificial respiration. The severe poisoning patient should be sent to a hospital with a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for treatment.








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