Anran Wireless Smart Gas Meter: Wireless Communication, Remote Operation

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Anran Wireless Smart Gas Meter: Wireless Communication, Remote Operation

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In the past decade, advanced IoT technologies such as GPRS, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, etc. have been used in the natural gas industry with their low power consumption, extensive network coverage and device scalability.


The COVID-19 has brought great challenges to natural gas companies, and IoT intelligent gas non-contact meter reading, remote monitoring, electronic billing, online payment, etc. are closely concerned by many companies from 2020.


Constrained by the iterative development and availability of network infrastructure, it is a primary challenge for operation and management decisions by selecting the most proper communication technology for smart gas meters.


GPRS, the most mature application, adopted extensively since 2013. But with the recent rapid development of 5G and NB-IoT, the technology will be phased out.


With over 20 million applications in 5 years, NB-IoT smart gas meters have recently been widely deployed in China. This is thanks to strong government support for network upgrades.


The private band LoRaWAN networks have the option to flexibly build a network and server system for smart meters and other applications such as smart fire protection, smart security monitoring, smart water, smart agriculture, smart cities, etc.


Those who must compromise on smart functionalities due to financial constraints can use the NFC prepayment solution to get contactless services while retaining the option of upgrading to IoT smart meters in the future.


Anran I&C Technology, a sophisticated smart gas meter manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the gas industry, has encountered all the challenges that come with today's demands.


The modular smart gas meters was developed to handle all of the above issues, depended on its R&D strength, broad industrial understanding, and cumulative experience. While the meters integrate sophisticated but well-proven smart capabilities, enabling high-efficiency management and operation in order to achieve high-value returns, high levels of safety and satisfaction, and little gas loss.


The Wireless Remote Gas Meter supports a variety of communication technologies, including GPRS, LoRa Spread Spectrum Smart Gas Meter, and NB-IoT Smart Gas Meter. The communication modules can be replaced on-site without having to change the diaphragm meter or upgrade the firmware during the meter's lifetime.


Because it enhances meter adaptability to future communication technologies, the modular design is a viable choice for nations where IoT network infrastructure development is still in its early stages. Without altering the meter, the communication module can be readily upgraded on-site. This ensures a return on investment for meter assets while also assisting with worldwide utility digital transformation. Besides, our wireless smart gas solutions, including LoRa Spread Spectrum Gas Meter Solution and IoT Smart Gas Meter Solution, bring gas utilities and end-users lower cost, easy management and reliable network. 


Different flow rates supported by smart meters include G1.6/2.5/4/6/10/16/25, which can be used for measurement in residential, industrial, and commercial contexts.


For accurate metering, data processing, and valve control with the system, it combines a mechanical diaphragm gas volume meter with an electronic smart controller.


Key features include:


• Supports a variety of communication protocols; on-site module hot-plugging without updating the firmware.


•Encryption is used throughout all communications to guarantee data security, integrity, and traceability.


•Strong data processing capacity. 200 event records and the most recent year's gas usage statistics are stored in large memory.


• Low-power consumption design -  battery pack has a 10 year life span in normal running.


• Inbuilt high precision temperature sensor for temperature compensation.


• Mechanisms for controlling valves, alarms, and meter and system event records to achieve comprehensive security and business management.


• Through an IoT data platform, it can be coupled with the MDM, billing, online payment, and other systems used by the gas utilities. This enables digital gas applications such as prepayment, post-payment, tiered pricing, remote pricing, real-time billing, electronic billing, remote payment, and more.


Anran will continue to innovate, opening up limitless opportunities for a better green life.

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