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9 Reasons You Should Attention to Gas Leaks

Know about the reasons for gas leaks.
11 2022/04

Five Great Tips to Cut Your Monthly Gas Bills

Each Chinese family spends a large amount of money every year on gas bills. However, unhappily, most families face a lot of energy losses and wastage due to poor gas stoves and gas water heater. With the raised natural gas price in the world, there are measures you can take to prevent gas wastage and cut your monthly gas bills. These will not only save you money, but also help protect the environment.
01 2022/04

What Should You Know About Gas Safety Smart Forewarning System

The gas safety smart forewarning system consists of temperature anomaly alarm, pressure anomaly alarm, flow anomaly alarm, gas leakage alarm, valve shut-off system, exhaust system (fume extractor or exhaust fan), IoT smart gas meter, cloud mobile APP, cloud management APP, cloud servers, etc. , which can achieve early warning, early detection, real-time networking, and real-time services to protect the safe use of gas.
22 2021/11

How Much Do You Know About the History of City Gas Development?

Gas is widely used in industrial production for power generation, steel making, metal thermal processing, heat treatment, etc. In the light textile industry, people use it for cotton textile singeing, food, pharmaceutical processing and manufacturing, bulb blowing, color television picture tubes and computer monitors and other glass products. The application of gas not only increases production efficiency, but also improves product quality. With the popularity of LPG and natural gas, the range of gas applications is sure to be further explored.
15 2021/11

Shocking Facts About NB-IoT Gas Meter

The rapid development of the domestic natural gas market is mainly favored by the strong support for clean energy within the provinces and cities. Domestic smart gas meters usher in a new opportunity. During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, China's smart gas meter market reaches to over 40 billion. The long-term increasing demand for the meters is an inevitable trend, while mostly IC card gas meters are used in the current market. It is expected that NB-IoT smart gas meters will enter the golden period of accelerated development.
22 2021/09

This Shutoff Device of the Smart Gas Meter Can Avoid Gas Explosions

With the need for environmental protection, natural gas has gradually replaced the serious pollution energy into each of our homes, which has brought some safety hazards while facilitating the majority of users and improving the environment. As we all know, natural gas is a flammable and explosive dangerous gas. When the gas leaks and reaches a concentration (5%-15%), it will explode when it meets an open flame. Therefore, how to prevent gas leaks is the top priority of residential gas safety.
08 2021/09
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