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Gas Safety Smart Forewarning System

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Product description

The gas safety smart forewarning system consists of temperature anomaly alarm, pressure anomaly alarm, flow anomaly alarm, gas leakage alarm, valve shut-off system, exhaust system (fume extractor or exhaust fan), IoT smart gas meter, cloud mobile APP, cloud management APP, cloud servers, etc. , which can achieve early warning, early detection, real-time networking, and real-time services to protect the safe use of gas.


Basic functions

  • Monitor the flammable gas concentration in the installation space
  • Monitor flow information and open the exhaust system
  • After the IoT gas meter receives the alarm information from the alarm, the valve is closed.
  • Valve is closed and the information is reported to center.
  • Automatically report system equipment alarm information (normal, alarm, fault, etc. ) to the platform
  • The platform sends the alarm information to the mobile phone
  • The alarm works when temperature abnormality, pressure abnormality, abnormal flow, gas leakage occur.


System Structure

Gas Safety Smart Forewarning System

Gas Safety Smart Forewarning System


System Platform

Gas Safety Smart Forewarning System


Application Scenarios

Gas Safety Smart Forewarning System

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